Who We Are

Hi, we're Sarah and Megan, the co-founders of Inspired Makers. We are 2 friends who decided to build a small marketing company that focused on helping non-profits and small businesses. Over the past few years we have been growing an Etsy store and found our passion for products with purpose.

Inspired Makers is our passion project, our way of making an impact on peoples lives, on their hardest days, during their toughest times. Want want to inspire a little hope, joy, faith, and community!

Our Purpose

Is to create products that are designed to inspire purpose, positivity, strength, love and confidence. On days where it feels like the world is working against us, we want to encourage people to keep going with a reminder that they're being supported in their journey!

Why? We know what it feels like to walk in discouragement, confusion, and loneliness. Inspired Makers is our way of helping others walk out of those times, or keep from falling into them!

Our Story


It all started in 2015 when 2 friends, working for the same company, decided it was time to get out of the daily grind of corporate. We both have learned that life is short, so there is no time better than TODAY to create a job you love and a lifestyle you can be proud of! Since that time we have done many things, worked with amazing people, supported amazing organizations, and Inspired Makers is just the next step in this awesome journey.

When trying to decide what the next steps in the journey looked like, we wanted it to be something we are passionate about - and that is inspiring others! We are using this platform to provide products that can be shared to inspire the people in your life, to pay it forward to organizations and individuals who are doing the work of filling others with hope and joy, and to give us a place to share all of the things that we love!